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4 things to handle on your web development before you go live

Of course the launch of your new website is extremely exciting, but before you pop the champagne you have to ensure that you have got this as close to perfection as humanly possible. Can you imagine launching only to find that one of the most important features isn’t working? That the enquiry form isn’t firing, or that there was a spelling mistake in your brand name?

So, before you launch, here are some tips to ensure that your website development goes off without a hitch and the whole team can have a little happy dance over the huge success of your project.

Here are some basic tips and processes to ensure you don’t spend 48 hours post launch fixing bugs when you should be jumping for joy instead. Here are our four website development tips to get it right the first time around:

1. Have a checklist

Whether you are the designer or developer of this website, you are the gatekeeper for defense against errors in this project. But of course, no one is perfect and its easy to simply forget to get something done and get swept up in all of your other tasks. So make sure you have a list of things to test thoroughly, on which platforms, and ensure the links work, the hosting is setup properly, and everything else that is crucial to that particular project.

2. Get people to check it over

Get as many people, whether they are friends, family, colleagues,  or even strangers you meet on the train to look over the work and test it for you. Get them to use the website and complete a few tasks that a user would come to your website to do.  This will not only help you to catch bugs early on but also to ensure that your design is easy to use and that users are finding the website easy to follow.  Also consider hiring another designer or a professional tester to check it. This way, you can get valued feedback from people who know how to check for common bugs and take a look at things from a more scrutinizing perspective.

If you have room in your budget, also consider hiring a professional proofreader to ensure that all of the spelling and grammar is up to scratch and you can avoid dreaded typos in your work.

3. Take a well deserved break

Prior to launching your site, work on something else for a little while, and then come back to it and see it with fresh eyes.  This will help you spot any mistakes that may be lurking right in front of your eyes!

4. Validate and Lint

You can also make use of services that can help you clean up/lint your code by highlighting errors in your code. Think of it like spellcheck for code. They aren’t foolproof, but they might help you realize an error before you go live.