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6 Simple Things Every Logo Designer Needs to Consider

Your logo design might not seem to be significant, but it can be more impactful than what you initially believed. A logo design can ruin the image of your brand and give off an unprofessional air. The right logo design will have enough impact to make people recognise your brand instantly. A logo designer needs to consider various things and here are some of the essential ones.

1. Colour psychology

Logos have to be eye-catching, and the best way to do it is with colours. Logo colours are not just for aesthetics – there’s a psychology behind colours.

Red, for instance, creates aggression while bright orange is the best colour to encourage people to click. Always think about the emotions colours elicit when designing the logo.

2. Simplicity

To stand out from competitors, some businesses commit the biggest logo designing mistake – too many details.

People will look at your logo for a few seconds and be on their way. So, you need to have a logo design simple enough that people will remember it right off the bat.

Apple, Nike, and Adidas have some of the simplest logos and even someone without art experience can draw the logo from memory.

3. Multiple Formats

It’s usual to craft logos on a white background, but this is just one format. Think about how the logo will look against other colours.

Use a logo generator to see the logo in different formats. Don’t think small, imagine how your logo will look like on your website, a branded case or a skyscraper.

4. Sleep On It

Your first logo design idea might not stick. Always go through multiple designs to find the logo you can run with. Putting out a logo in a rush can be an expensive mistake – rebranding can be a huge headache. So, round up your best ideas and consult your designers about it.

5. Test Your Logo

Public opinion should always have a bearing on your decision. Run your logo ideas with a test group and see what they have you say. Their feedback can be invaluable for your business, and you can always go back to the drawing board. Don’t settle for any logo, always look for the best one.

6. Hire a Professional

If you lack skills in all aspects of designing a logo, don’t be afraid to ask for professional logo designers to help. Skimping on costs involved in custom logo design might hurt your branding in the long run. Shop for the best logo design services in the market, and don’t forget to check out their portfolio. These simple steps can help you come up with a logo that works for your business.