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As web design experts in Adelaide, we have created many amazing website designs for our clients. Here are some examples of our most loved projects so far.

1. The Association of Accredited Certification Bodies

The Association of Accredited Certification Bodies (AACB) is an association that represents accredited certification bodies in a huge number of markets in the certification industry. They help their members by promoting the use of accredited certification.

This website was created to be a scrollable landing page to convert users to become a member of the AACB. After a short welcome message, as they scroll, users see a whole range of selling points and benefits to becoming a member of the AACB. Ticks are used here like dotpoints to encourage the user to see the selling points positively.

2. Unique Grain Management

Unique Grain Management is an Australian owner grain pool manager for wheat and barley farmers across WA, SA and VIC. Grain pools purchase grain from farmers and sell it on to other businesses for food, whether it’s for people or animals. They have researched the market and found that their business is one that is wanted among grain farmers in their areas, and so, they have built a business giving their businesses exactly that.

Throughout the website design, we’ve used the leaf symbol from their logo to highlight certain points and to position the brand as experts in their niche field.

3. Before You Were Born

Before You Were Born is a 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging service. It allows parents to see their baby in utero through live 4D footage and 3D images, all provided by accredited medical Sonographers in Adelaide. From the very moment you have confirmation of a viable pregnancy by your obstetrician or medical practitioner, Before You Were Born can provide it’s imaging services for you and your little one.

Because BYWB can provide images, glossy prints, usbs with video and more for you to take home, it was important to include rich media in this website design. Youtube videos have been embedded and PDF versions of packages.

4. Nikki Nouveau

Singer and cabaret entertainer, Nikki Nouveau is an performance artist and writer whose glamourous performances transcend the modern age. She has toured internationally and all over Australia with successful seasons all over. Her theatrical storytelling had earned her rave reviews.

Typefaces used in this design were incredibly fitting, with an art deco style used on the menubar at the top, and a background with hollywood lights and red velvet curtain in the header.

The focus for this website was to generate interest in Nikki’s stage performances, so having a great CMS where Nikki can upload new shows was also extremely important to the design.


BSECC are a civil construction company with a focus on their wealth of experience in the civil electrical field in Adelaide. They operate in all of Victoria including Melbourne, and also in Adelaide. They specialise in Hydro Excavation, Civil lighting installation and many more. The company has a huge commitment to both safety and quality, both of which are crucial in their respective field.

The focus for this website development was to create a website with quality lead generation in mind. The enquiry form is simple, with just four main text fields and a captcha to ensure quality in the leads captured for the business.

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