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We’ve created a huge range of website design for Brisbane clients. Here are some of our favourite website design clients from the area:

1. McDowall Veterinary Practice 

McDowall Veterinary Practice is a not just a vet practice, it’s also a luxury cat boarding service and a free puppy school centre! They pride themselves on educating pet owners and providing the utmost care to all pets, as they are part of the family, after all. They focus their services on not only caring for the animals, but for the pet owners too, through classes and education.

This website design features read more links with paw prints, to maintain the lighthearted and friendly look. Because of the highly personal nature of the business, including testimonials from happy clients adds to the credibility of the business.

2. Sandy’s Gifts and Hampers

Sandy’s Gifts and Hampers is an online store, based in Brisbane that was formed when Sandy received a hamper put together by a close family friend when she was a busy mum to be. She found she used every thing that was in the hamper and thought it would be a great idea to start an online store that delivers hampers to expecting and new parents!

The website uses testimonials and cute photography of their products to catch a user’s attention, displaying a wide variety of products sorted by easy categories down the left of the page. This makes it simple and easy for a prospective client to find what they’re searching for quickly.

3. Australia Wide Computer Resources

Australia Wide Computer Resources is a team of IT specialists that work with companies that are based in multiple locations, needing systems that are synced and guaranteed to work and be managed with minimal downtime. Delivering their services since 1992 they provide computer maintenance services to brands that are household names.

Their website needed to have professional language and from the outset, convince the reader that they are trustworthy as the businesses that they work with cannot afford to have downtime. From a graphic and web design perspective it is clean cut with high resolution images that show how far their reach is across Australia. Across the top easy access to their services log in and below simple contact and site menu. The website is light, agile and responsive to represent the business and how they perform.

4. Fruition Tuition

Fruition Tuition was co-founded in 1993 by Antony and Sherrin Gugenberger, to teach and inspire learners of all ages in all subjects of schooling. They are a highly skilled team that provide unparalleled client service and strive to create an optimal learning environment for their clients. They have many locations across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria as it is a franchise based operation.

This means their website needed to be split into different sections, the prominent side being for learners. Providing easy to access information such as locations of their franchises and what services they provide. The other side is once you click on the ‘Become A Franchisee’ banner it takes you to another page that contains all the information that a possible franchiser would be looking for with a specialised enquiry form.

5. Carina Day & Night Pharmacy

Carina Day & Night Pharmacy are a compounding chemist established in Brisbane in 1954! They deliver the highest quality care, advice and support to their community. They believe that there is a trend of warehouse style pharmacies with impersonal service, whereas they aim to provide a high quality service and advice with experienced staff with a friendly welcome. They specialise in dispensing, compounding and mobility equipment with multiple pharmacists who are available to offer advice and have many years of experience.

Their website sets out to provide what most people need on the homepage, their address, opening hours, services and contact details are clear and easy to find. The colour scheme, fonts and imagery all portray a kind and welcoming atmosphere that they aim to achieve.

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