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What You Will Be Required to do…

We want you to have the best experience with us and while we will be doing the lion share of the work there are elements of the process that are collaborative. Here is a list of the things that you will be required to do at your end to ensure the best experience and result:

1. Understand the Parameters of Our Service. This so that we are all on the same page and there are no misunderstandings or surprises. Please make sure you read through all the information in your Website Proposal and also be familiar with our Key Service Inclusions and Exclusions.

2. Fill out the Onboarding Questionnaire. This is where you give us information about your business so please provide as much as you can. We cannot start the design of your website without this information. Some of the key elements that you will need to provide in the Onboarding Questionnaire are:

  • Relevant business informartion
  • Any content or images that you have for the website
  • Your logo files if you have one
  • Any relevant social media account details
  • Any relevant account login details for third party applications eg. mailchimp, google analytics etc

3. Be Available for the Web Design Consultation. After we receive your Onboarding Questionnaire and before you receive your initial web design concepts, your Web Designer will have a short 10-20mins consultation with you to establish and clarify the direction of your website. We ask you to please make yourself available for this so as not to delay the project.

4. Participate in the Revision Process. After you receive your initial web design concepts you will have the opportunity to provide revisions to the website design. It is during this revision process that we fine tune the look and feel of the website. There will be a maximum of 2 revision rounds and we ask that you adhere to our Website Revision Guidelines.

5. Be Prepared to Write Your Website Content. We will coordinate, upload and assist you in the editing and writing of the content for your website pages. You will almost always know your business better than us so the more content you can provide and write the better. This streamlines the process and also ensures the content is most suited to your business and audience.

6. Select Your Images. We provide a number of stock images that can be used for your website. These images need to be chosen during the Web Design Phase. Once the Web Design Phase is complete we will not provide you with additional images.

7. Provide Information to Our IT and Admin Team. We will be in contact with you in regards to this. It is commonly in regards to email set up, domain name transfer, and third party applications.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in regards to all of the above.