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Five Frightful Webdesign Trends Best Forgotten

Let us be honest, unfortunately there are still many websites with absolutely awful webdesign trends. In short, just because you can use a certain website design trend does not mean that you should include it in your web page design. If you want your web design to offer first-class user experience, it is easy – avoid the following five trends at all costs.

Unclear navigation

Whenever a visitor lands on your website they should not first have to figure out how to navigate their way around your website, instead it should be easy to use and understand. Scrolling is a key component of many HTML5 websites and what makes it great is that to find new sections, visitors do not have to navigate to a new page.

Most of the time this can work, however if the main navigation is nowhere to be found you have a problem. The main navigation should at all times be clearly visible. So, do not be tempted to let your navigation minimise after a couple of seconds.

Obscure icons

There is nothing wrong with using an icon for your navigation as long as the icon is easy to understand. If you are thinking that your visitors can hover over the icon to decipher where it will lead them to, think again… Nowadays many users use their smartphones to browse a website and when this is the case, the hover feature is not available.

Slow-to-load loading screens

If a visitor first has to figure out how to work his way around your website only to be greeted by a loading screen, the chances are that they are not going to stick around. Today even the best website designs are not worth the wait. So, if your web pages do not load in a second or two, it is simply not good enough.

Pop-up windows

The use of pop-up windows is just as bad as loading screens that take their time. Guard against using a pop-up window to ask visitors for something. It does not matter that it will not cost them anything, being greeted by a pop-up, especially one that does not disappear on its one, is anything but welcoming.


No video should be set to play automatically. It is as straightforward as that. Worse yet is to include a skip button that most visitors will only find after 80% of the video has already blasted in their ears. If you want visitors to become potential customers, do not test their patience unnecessarily.

Technology is great, though, never be tempted just to include the latest trends for the sake of it. Yes, to be innovative calls for web designers to explore new website design developments, but the focus should always remain on those who will ultimately be visiting and interacting with your website design. Feel free to do things differently as long as it does not mean that you will have to teach visitors how to use your website. At the end of the day website designers should take user experience seriously otherwise your business could pay the price (and that is a high price to pay).

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