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Five Simple Errors a Web Designer Should Never Make

Any web designer can commit a simple mistake. Although the error might be simple, the effect can be disastrous and will need your attention right away. Here are some of the common mistakes any website designer can commit without even realising it.

Line spacing mistakes

Spacing is the most common typography-related mistake website designers commit. It’s rare to see too much space between lines, but the same unfortunately cannot be said for the opposite. The most common website design problem is having too little space that makes the text difficult to read.

Your goal is to create content with a natural flow so that it wouldn’t strain your visitors’ eyes. The spacing should also be consistent to maintain better aesthetics.

Monotonous web design

Consistency is key to making the web page design feel organised, but too much of it can make websites boring. Make each page exciting by adding subtle changes without ruining the layout.

Hero headers don’t have to change. What you need to focus on is changing up the visual weight and the distance of the images. This creates an illusion that the photos are of different sizes when they are in fact the same.

Make the most of hierarchy

There’s a reason why website design values hierarchy. Visitors will find it easier to navigate a website that follows a certain hierarchy. You need to rank your content. The most important info should come first. Every visitor should understand what is going on by just glancing over the page. Headlines and subheadings are all instrumental in making this possible.

Improve your content

Long-form articles convert better and provide a wealth of information to visitors. However, you can’t write to meet the web count. You also need to put yourself in your readers’ shoes.

If you provide instructions on how to do something, use clear words. Better yet, provide pictures to let visitors know exactly what you are talking about.

When you are writing your content, choose active words over passive words. If there’s a need to expand on something, make your descriptions easy to understand. Veer away from complex words when there is an easier way to convey your meaning.

Also, don’t push the publish button right away! Forget about what you wrote for a while and get some rest. Then, go back to your copy and edit it for clarity, spelling and grammar. This exercise will help you to spot more errors.

Make your buttons visible

Websites connect you to your potential customers. At the same time, it serves as an extension of your business. If visitors want to learn more about you or buy the item they like, don’t let them jump through a lot of hoops. If a visitor can’t find what they need, you will lose the opportunity to do business with them.

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