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Simple + Stress Free

How It Works

Choose Your Template + Place Your Order

Simply choose one of our premium website templates. Each of the templates in our collection can be tailored to any brand and business in any industry. You can also include any Add On features with your order. And if it’s too hard to choose from our amazing website template collection, don’t worry, select the template recommendation option when you order your website and we can recommend options for you in the production phase.

Complete Your Website Questionnaire

After your order you will receive our Website Questionnaire which is intuitively designed to make it as easy as possible for you to share everything we need to produce an outstanding website for you. Through simple step-by-step questions you will provide us with details about your business and brand, the copy for your website, and your specific design and image style preferences.

We Prepare Your Website Plan

Once we've received your Website Questionnaire our experienced team will review your brand and business information to plan what we propose will best serve your website objectives. Our plan will include website pages, content placement, user experience, any functionality required, and template options if you have not chosen a specific template.

We Personalise the Template for Your Brand + Business

This is when the magic happens and we turn your idea into a reality. Your Web Designer will add the visual elements of your website to most effectively communicate your brand to your ideal audience. We will also strategically place your first draft content throughout the website based on best practices to optimise the conversion of visitors to leads or sales. After we have completed the first phase of this process it will be ready for your review.

Revise + Sign Off Your Website

It is during this revision process that we fine tune the look and feel of your website. You will have the opportunity to provide revisions and will work directly with your Web Designer over email or text to sign off your website. The time that this revision phase takes can vary from client to client based on the client's responsiveness and the amount of website pages. If you are highly responsive it can take less than five business days to sign off on your website. Note that there is a maximum of three revision rounds during this process.

Quality Assurance + Testing

Once you have signed off on your website design our team will ensure that all the technical and functionality aspects of your website are in order. We provide two quality assurance tests to make sure every button, link and plug-in is functioning optimally so your website is ready for action.

Go Live - Hello World!

When you are ready, let us know by giving us the green light and we will launch your website to the world. Taking your website from our private servers to the public. There is an admin process with your domain name and emails that will be guided by our team and we will need your responsiveness to ensure your timely launch. Once complete, this is when you get to celebrate. It's game time!

Studio Time + Support

Our studio is at your service for the life of your website. Not only will we host your website, provide technical updates, and ensure the online security of your website and visitors; we also provide 2 hours of free content edits each month for whenever you need to change content or images. Anything you need to be done on your website can be simply requested from our website assistants by email. However, if you’d prefer to make your own content edits we also give you editor logins to the WordPress Content Management System and provide training and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to launch my website?

Your website build will begin as soon as your Website Design Brief has been received by our team. On average we deliver the first version of your website within 10 days. As soon as you are complete with your revisions and give your approval we will push your website live to the internet. How long you take with your revisions will affect this timeline. The GO LIVE process can take another 3 business days due to domain name settings being updated throughout the internet.

What platform are your websites built on?

We are a WordPress native company. (Read complete FANS!) We have built websites on WordPress for over 12 years, and over the years have delivered over 10,000 websites for small businesses and organisations. WordPress is one of the world’s most popular platforms, and over one third of websites on the internet are built on WordPress. We are proud WordPress nerds.

What happens if I want to take my website somewhere else?

All our websites are built on WordPress and can be migrated and moved as you wish. We have a few guidelines around closing your account with us and what can and can’t travel with you. Overall you get to take your website intact, minus a few proprietary plugins and backend features. Please email our team for the latest policy on migration.

SIMPLE + STRESS FREE The Smarter Way To Get A Website

Say goodbye to the pain of DIY and the cost of custom design. Our production process is automated where it can be, but personal where it needs to be. Ensuring you get a designer website personally tailored to your brand without the hefty price tag.