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How to Include Testimonials in Your Web Page Design

Nowadays advertising and marketing techniques are proving to be not as effective anymore as businesses have become less trustworthy in the eyes of their consumers. As a result businesses will have to find ways to create their web page design in such a manner that it can help them to boost their credibility.

Luckily, there is a simple solution that has stood the test of time – testimonials. What makes customer testimonials so effective is that it is an avenue that one happy customer can convey his satisfaction to countless other users.  

So What Exactly Is a Testimonial?

There are two main types of testimonials. You can either ask one of your returning customers to share his experiences with your business or just hope that your customers post on their social media platforms how you came to their rescue.

Both these types can be extremely powerful tools to incorporate into your web design. The most important is that your customer testimonials are without fear or favour and, needless to say, positive.

When including testimonials in your web page design, it is important to show that it is indeed a credible source. So, to boost its credibility include the full name along with a photo of the customer, his/her job title and if relevant links to their websites. Your customer might just be too happy to oblige as it can generate leads to their websites too. If your budget allows it you can even ask your web designers decide to post a video testimonial.

Where Should You Include It In On Your Web Page?

As many visitors first land on the home page of your website, it can be a smart move for website designers to include your testimonials here. If the web page design of your home page does not allow for this, you can rather include your customer testimonials on your contact page, in the sidebar or below your most recent blog post.

Some businesses even have a page dedicated just to their testimonials. One main perk of going this route is that several testimonials communicate to your website visitors that your business does in fact boast many customers, at least that is a popular assumption.

Though, it is up to the business to decide how many testimonials to include. One testimonial that was written by one of the experts can be just as effective. The best advice is to gather as many testimonials from happy customers on a continual basis and then you can include the ones that will have the biggest impact in your website design.

A Few Last Thoughts

If you have not made it a common practice yet, start to ask your customers to take a few minutes to write a testimonial. Also, start to gather data from your website regarding how your visitors navigate around your website so that a website design company can select the best areas on your web page to include the testimonials.

Lastly, remember to pay it forward! Make it a practice to write testimonials for the businesses that you often interact with and the chances are good that they will return the favour.

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