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How to Know If It’s Time for a New Business Logo Design

Your business logo is one of the first things people notice about your brand. Your logo design needs to convey the values of your brand. It should also serve as your company’s unique mark.

It’s not unusual for a company’s mission or direction to change, and this could call for a logo overhaul. So when do you know it’s time to change the logo? Here are the top signs your logo needs a redesign.

Obsolete Logo

Businesses start with logo designs they love. Over time, trends could change. Just like other fixtures, your logo design could be last season.

Logo expert or not, it’s easy to tell if a logo is obsolete. Italics, bubbly text, and gradients are so old that they stand out easily.

All businesses should freshen up their logo, but it’s crucial for those businesses offering the latest industry trends. Think about the last time you redesigned the logo. Find time to see if there are design elements that have been phased out decades ago.

Overly Complex Logo Design

Details and gradients don’t fit well with the tech age. While logos with these elements look striking on paper, these things will look too complex in digital ads. Modern designers stick to simplicity when it comes to custom logo design. If some of your logo’s features are hard to spot, consider a major redesign.

New Company Direction

A change in mission or vision, mergers and acquisitions or a new purpose can mean major changes for the company. A logo stands for your brand’s values and beliefs. If there’s any change affecting those things, it might nullify the message your logo conveys.

If there’s a major restructure or change in direction, examine your business logo design. Don’t forget to do the same for taglines and other brand identifiers.

Company Growth

Startups might focus on crafting an impressive logo design, but some try to skimp on expenses to save funds. If you have a growing company, and you have a low-budget logo – maybe it’s time to think about a redesign. Once your company grows bigger, it’s harder to roll out a new logo design, and it could hurt your branding.