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How Your Website Design Will Affect the Customer Experience

In today’s day and age if you want your business to thrive, it will have to be successful online as well. Therefore, an understanding of how your website design will influence the customer experience is vital so that you will know where to turn to first when improvements are needed.

Loading Time

If you want your website to appear on the first page of Google (which you obviously do), visitors should not have to wait longer than a few seconds for a page on your website to display. Not only should your pages load in a flash, but you will have to find ways to ensure that your visitors will require minimal data to browse your website.

One easy way to minimise the time that is required for websites to load is by optimising the size of the images. In order to do this, opt for .jpg formats instead as it is one the best ways to ensure that your high-res images are not too big.


Now that visitors are able to access your web pages quickly, ensure that you make it worth their while by boasting some of the best website designs. Ultimately you want your website to have a sleek look that incorporates modern web design trends such as responsive design, big fonts and “hero” images strategically placed at the top of your articles to grab your visitors’ attention.

Increasingly more users are surfing the web via their smart devices making responsive design a must-have feature as it will guarantee that your website’s appearance will stay the same for all devices. Also, considering that so many users will be viewing your website via a smaller screen, it is clear why using a big, bold font that is easy to read with enough white space, in other words space without any text or imagery, is essential.


It will be of no use that your team of web designers have slaved away in front of their screens to make sure that your web page design loads quickly and look impressive, if visitors cannot find their way around your website. Your web design should enable visitors to find the information that they are searching for in as little time as possible. Therefore, you will have to find ways to improve the navigation.

The best advice is rather to stick to a navigation style that the majority of visitors will be familiar with such as breadcrumb or a drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can let these two popular navigation styles work together.


This brings us to the most crucial aspect of web design – conversions. There are countless ways in which your website design can influence your conversions. One such way is the colour scheme that your website designers decide to use. In order for your conversions to skyrocket, your colour scheme should find a way to emphasise the different call-to-action prompts. The easiest is to use contrast so that your visitors will be able to spot the different call to actions without any difficulty.

At the end of the day you can enlist the services of the best marketing gurus, but if your web design hampers the appearance and usability of your website, any online marketing strategy will be in vain. So, double-check that your website design addresses these four factors and you will be well on your way to create a first-class digital experience for all your visitors.

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