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Logo Design Series – Typography Tips

Deciding on the perfect typeface for your logo design is a critical part of the design process. Some of the most recognisable brands rely entirely on their typeface in order to convey their brand’s message.

Here are some typography tips to consider for your logo design:

Font matters

Choose your typeface very carefully! Only use a font that you’d be happy to associate with your brand for years and years to come. Don’t be seduced with going with a font that is part of a design trend. Logo designs should be classic rather than on-trend.

Consider your own typeface

If a classic typeface just doesn’t communicate your branding ideals, consider a fully illustrated design that is just for your brand. A perfect example of this is the Disney logo. The typeface is instantly recognisable as Disney. You can have something created that suits your brand perfectly and is entirely unique to the brand. Why not consider this for your logo design?

Have a illustrated bespoke logo drawn

You could also have a bespoke, illustrated design drawn up, like coca cola. This design would be unique to your brand and completely original.

Refine your logo design to add spice

After you’re decided on a typeface for your logo design, use other design elements to adequately portray your brand. But remember, simplicity can mean more staying power. You don’t want to be tempted into adding too much spice and having to change your logo design too soon. Consider just adding a dash of spice rather than overdoing it.

Consider monograms

Louis Vuitton’s iconic LV monogram encompasses the entire brand in two single letters. You could do the same. Think Chanel’s interlocking C’s, and YSL’s logo. If you have a brand where this type of logo could work, it has the potential to be really powerful and synonymous with your brand.

Here is more info to give you a full picture on how typeface and other design elements should work together to create your new business logo design.