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Choosing the right web design company to build an amazing website can be difficult for business owners when there are plenty of website designers found in Adelaide. Ever since Magicdust started way back in 2006, it has  built websites that are optimised for search engines, and most of all, visually engaging.

Magicdust partners with small businesses and non-profit organisations in Australia, producing over 4,000 web designs that are quality-made, creatively designed, and functional. Our Adelaide website design services help small businesses improve their brand through effective online marketing of their products and services.

Website Strategy First, Design Second

Each client has their own business objectives that need to be met. The web development team listens to every client before they start working on the website. They also take into account your competitor’s websites and analyses them.

As a result, the team can make a better website for you. The process of building your website will then follow. Regardless of the type of website that each client wants, whether it is an online store for selling products or a service provider website, the Magicdust web development team can handle it.

Building Strong Online Brands

Magicdust builds websites that won’t be left behind in terms of competitiveness in the market. The brand personality of each business shines with all the elements of web design such as the logo, the layout, the color scheme, the visual media, and the fonts.

All of Magicdust’s website designs have a contemporary look and feel. Website visitors won’t have any problem navigating and finding the content that they want, unlike other websites which are poorly designed.

Quality Websites Build on Robust Platforms

Our websites are built on WordPress since it is the standard choice when it comes to content management. The websites are all custom coded as they are built from the ground up. Security measures are implemented in order to minimize hacking incidents or any form of threat that can compromise the website.

Magicdust websites are all built to be easily viewed on mobile devices and also optimized for most search engines.

The websites are also scalable for the growing needs of your business.

Simple Content Management

Uploading fresh content on the website is important to any business. With websites designed by the web development team at Magicdust, this can be easily done. Adding articles, images, and videos can be done by clients anytime.

Updating, after logging in to the website, is quick and simple.

World Class Website Support Services

Not all website design companies in Adelaide can provide clients with round-the-clock support services. But Magicdust’s team of web designers and developers are changing how maintenance support should be given. We are always actively recommending better solutions, designs, and security measures to give clients the best website management experience.

Our readiness to handle a client’s requests for upgrades and technical support is motivated by our goal of providing the best service in Adelaide.

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