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Hosting Options

Moving Away From Magicdust

Why We Suggest You Stay With Magicdust

It is our recommendation to all clients that they host their website with us. This is so you have access to our technical support team who can assist you with any queries or questions you may have regarding your website. If you do host your website elsewhere be aware that we will not be able to provide you with maintenance, security and support or any kind.

Our Terms for Taking Your Website to Your Own Hosting Environment
At any stage if you do choose to take your website to another hosting provider please see the following terms of our process:

  • We will provide your website files to you via a Dropbox link for download. Magicdust endeavours to support you in this process however your new provider will need to assist with the upload and configuration of your website to their servers, if you are unable to complete this task within your business.
  • Once your website files have been delivered, our accounts team will begin to close your account with us and remove your files from our servers.

Additional Advice:
Upon moving your website to your own hosting environment, you will be able to take full possession of your design and content of your site; however elements of the CMS software will remain on Magicdust servers and you may need to purchase licences to use the CMS (or elements of) on another server.