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Online Security – SSL Certificates

Online security is an ongoing and developing issue for websites. One of the systems that has been created to strengthen online website security is what is called an SSL Certificate. And due to an ongoing Chrome update from Google it is now becoming necessary for all websites to have an SSL certificate.

An SSL is a method of encrypting data between the website visitor’s browser and the website’s server. An SSL provides an authentication of your website and provides protection from the stealing of private and sensitive information from your website including passwords and credit card details.

SSLs have been essential for ecommerce websites and are now about to become essential for all websites. Google has been leading this push for greater online security by giving preference to websites that have an SSL in their search results and now they are rolling out an update to Chrome whereby when a visitor interacts with ANY website that doesn’t have an SSL, a “Not Secure” message will appear in the top left of the browser. And this applies to ALL websites.

An SSL certificate means your website is using the HTTPS protocol. See the Google article explaining the update.

If your website is not secure it exposes you to information and data theft, and with this Chrome update if your website is labeled “Not Secure”, visitors to your website will be reluctant to remain on your website and interact with it. As an additional benefit, having an SSL will also have a positive impact for how your website ranks in search engines.