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Image of the Ink Wealth website design on a desktop, tablet and smart phone

Ink Wealth Case Study

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Project Overview

InkWealth approached Magicdust as a young business looking to make waves in an industry that is not exactly known for its colour or vibrancy: financial planning. Out to change that perception, they needed a website to that would match their personality – one with bold imagery, striking colours and a design that screamed “we’re here!”.

In addition, they wanted something that would set them up for the future (they’re financial planners, after all), and instinctively knew the importance of having a mobile-friendly website with a compelling message and clear call-to-actions.

In partnering with us, InkWealth discovered a team with the same dedication to great service and clear communication; a great partnership was born.

The Magicdust designers delivered a website that was every bit as personable as the InkWealth team themselves – one that has helped the company engage their audience and build lasting customer relationships.