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Image of the MSIA Australia website design on desktop, tablet and smart phone

MSIA Case Study

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Project Overview

MSIA was interested in piloting a new online education portal for new students in Australia. The website needed to create a very specific flow, guiding the student to the next most relevant content. The website needed to be modern in design and sit outside of the predictable wellness genre of most meditation websites. Encouraging visitors to have an inner experience while engaging in the course material presented.

Magicdust did in-depth research on industry best practices for delivering this type of content in a clear and uncluttered way. The visual design was prioritised to ensure a unique identity in the wellbeing space. The user experience was designed to remove all barriers to entry. Allowing a perfect student flow, giving a full step by step experience to the new visitor. The website also offered clear call to actions and next steps to ensure the teachings are made available to all who are looking for them.

Image of Elaine

I am very happy with Magicdust! They created a visually appealing website, so easy to navigate, with innovative design features to appeal to our specific audience.

Elaine Pittwood