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Plan Your Web Design Before Finding a Developer

You need to get everything in place prior to the launch of the web design. It’s so important to pre-plan your web design prior to approaching a developer. Here are some key processes you can take part in to ensure that the web development process goes as smoothly as possible.

Prior to launching the website development, having this plan in place will help to ease any potential teething problems that may come up.

Before approaching a web development agency or a website development company, here are some tips on how to make a plan prior to hiring the perfect web developers.

Some of these ideas may seem somewhat obvious, but are too often, completely overlooked. In the excitement of wanting to get the website developer on board, don’t make the mistake of not pre-planning!

Create the sitemap

Firstly, create a basic sitemap. It can give you a clarity about the framework for your website. This will help communicate the extent of the entire project to your web developer once you’ve found the right one for you.
As you know, a sitemap is like a outline of all of the pages and links within the website. Create it like a rough index of the website. It will need to be altered as the project progresses, but having this in place before the project takes off can help.

Prepare your brand assets

It’s a good idea to have a dropbox filled with all of the collateral and creative your web developer may want to include on the website. From product images, to logos and photographs, having this creative material can help the website developer to get to know the branding of your company better.

Have access to the details

For a web designer to understand the full scope of the project, and exactly what technology they’re working with, they will need to know all of the technical details, including your domain registrar, hosting company, server type, programming language, database used, email system, and what platform your current website is built on.

Know what you like

It’s also a great idea to create a list of websites that you like for your developer to refer to for inspiration and to get a good understanding of what you would like them to deliver. Be sure to note the parts you like about them so that the web developer can easily get the results that you are after from the website build.

Give a good brief

Be sure to develop a concise brief for the project, covering all aspects of it so that there is a clear direction forward for the web developer. This will ensure that they have a great background on the business and what you would like to achieve with the design.