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Working Together

Website Revision Guidelines

Revision Guidelines

The revision process of the Template Personalisation Stage of your website is a collaborative one. It is where you can guide the design and request changes. For this process to work well, we ask you to please be considerate of the following guidelines regarding the revision process.

1. You Can Submit Up To 2 Revision Rounds For Your Website

You have up to 2 revision rounds for your website so please take the time to carefully review the website designs and make your revision requests as thorough as possible. Additional revision rounds may be charged at $66 per round.

2. Please Submit Each Round Of Revisions To Us In A Single Email or Document

It doesn’t work effectively for us to receive multiple emails with small revisions in each one. Please compile all your thoughts and requests for the revision round in one email. And please attach any relevant images or documents to the email. If you have large image sizes or a large number of images you can submit those into your Google Drive Folder that we have set up for you. Please let us know by email that you have added files to this folder.

3. Design Revision Requests

You may request changes to images, fonts, module layout, and certain colour changes. Be aware that there are certain elements of the website template that may not be able to be modified due to best practice, responsive design protocol, and the website template structure.

4. Content Revision Requests

Please keep in mind that you will almost always know your business and industry better than us so we ask you to work with us and provide your suggested content to replace any draft content that we have put together. This will speed up the process and ensure greater accuracy in the content.

5. Ongoing Content Edits

You don’t need to be concerned if you think of additional revisions later on because you can make additional content edits with your allocated monthly studio time. Websites are an evolving creation and our service is designed to accommodate this. You can also have access to the Content Management System (CMS) of the website yourself where you can make edits. Our studio team is always here to assist you.