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Secrets to Boost Conversion and Build a Stronger Brand

Businesses know they need a high-quality web design, but most don’t have any idea why. To set things straight, web design is not just about visual appeal. Your website’s main goal is to attract visitors and traffic to sales. If you can’t achieve that, aesthetics are useless. Web design complements internet marketing. What most businesses don’t understand is that they need to hire one company for the job to achieve their goal of generating money through the web. You can’t hire one company to design your webpage and another to handle your internet marketing campaign.

Work with One Firm

Branding strategy and inbound marketing should be incorporated into web design. Hiring different firms for SEO, web design, and branding can be disastrous and more costly. You need cohesion between all the elements on your website to maintain your brand image. Hence, hiring multiple companies is ineffective. Look for one firm you can trust and ask them to do all three for your business.

It’s Not Just About Design, Content Matters Too

Websites should serve a purpose, and you should treat it as a platform to connect with your target market. Visitors judge websites quickly as trustworthy or shady based on its web design elements. Common red flags include exceedingly small fonts, amatuer web design, busy layout, slow load time, and pop-up ads.

First impressions don’t stop with design elements, visitors also consider content. Written text only is ineffective in holding the attention of your visitor for long. Your goal is to spark customer engagement which is easier done through rich content. Infographics, photos, videos, games, and supplement information will give visitors more reason to stay and browse through your site.

Step Up Your Branding

Google is constantly updating its search algorithm, and the ABC company seems to be putting more value on branding. Websites should uphold your brand’s image similar to a brick and mortar store. If you have an outlet, for instance, you want all elements from colours to fonts to the logo to stay consistent. The way you communicate with clients in all internet marketing platforms should also be the same. Doing this will make your brand more credible, and this will reflect in your sales figures.

Focus on Converting Traffic to Sales

The main goal of increasing website traffic is to attract customers. Internet marketing experts used to have differing opinions on the role of web design in conversions. Now, there’s a consensus that your website’s appearance affects sales figures. Colour scheme, navigation, and the call-to-action all affect conversion.

Always check the ease of navigation for your website. Visitors should find the pages they want right away. All pages on your website should have relevant call-to-action to improve conversion rates for your site. For a sales boost, use A/B testing to find the best CTA placement and find the word which appeals most to visitors. Finally, look for the colour scheme which best triggers the customer’s buying impulse. Psychology plays a huge role in the process. The right colour scheme integrated into your web design will result in more page clicks and buying more time for you to close a sale.