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Our Service Includes…

Here are some of the key elements of our service that are important to understand:


It is important that you understand the parameters of any functionality component,  plugin or app that you are opting to have on your website. Each functionality component plugin or app has its limits, elements that we do, and elements that you will be responsible for.


Included in your website package is the ability for you to select a number of WordPress plugins (depending on your package) from our authorised plugin list. We also have a selection of Premium Plugins that you can add to your website package at an additional charge. Due to security and maintenance requirements, we only service and allow pre-authorised WordPress plugins to be used on our servers.

Page Content

We will coordinate, upload and assist you in the editing and curating of the content for your website pages. This will be limited to the number of pages and word count of your website package. For example, if your package includes 5 pages and a total of 2000 words, this limit is for all content in total, whether we write it, you supply it or a combination of the two.

You will almost always know more about your business than us so you will need to provide us with as much information about your business in the Onboarding Questionnaire as you can.

Website Pages

Your website package comes with a page limit, however, additional website pages can be added by you after the web design phase but you will be responsible for writing, uploading and laying out the content on your website through the website Content Management System (CMS). Our support team provides you with a one-hour training and orientation of the CMS and can give you ongoing assistance in using the website CMS.


You can provide us with images and/or we can source high-quality Stock Images for your website. Any stock images from us must be chosen during the web design phase. And due to license restraints, these images can only be used for your website and you will not receive copies of these images.

Web Design Customisation

During the web design phase, we customise the design of your website to align with your brand. Please be aware that there are limitations to the amount and extent of customisation that we can do with your website package at this fixed price point. It is impossible to detail the exact design and development customisation parameters of your package and in almost all cases this isn’t an issue, but we do ask you to be aware that there are limits to the customisation of your website design.


Your website has ecommerce capability to sell up to 10 products. Any more than this and we recommend one of our more customised ecommerce website solutions which would need to be quoted. There are two ecommerce configurations depending on the package that you purchased – Starter or Delux.

  • Starter Ecommerce – This is for selling a single product or a small selection of products – up to 10 products in total. The payment gateway is Paypal. Best suited for products or services that DON’T have variables eg. colours, sizes etc
  • Deluxe WP Ecommerce – This option is for selling up to 10 products that DO require variables eg. colours, sizes etc. We use Woocommerce, which is a scalable shopping cart and has a variety of plugins available to enhance the management of your products and optimise the customer’s experience.

Website Revisions

You will have up to 2 revision rounds (depending on your package) to work with the web designer and ensure that you are happy with your website. Please read through our Website Revision Guidelines to understand how this works and to get the most out of the process.

Initial Website Concepts Delivered In 14 days

From the date that you submit your Onboarding Questionnaire, you will receive your initial web design concepts within 14 days.

Ongoing Website Service

There is an Ongoing Website Service fee with all our websites. This is an incredibly valuable service for you and includes the following:


Website support is an essential ongoing service for any website and we are available by phone or email Monday to Friday 9 AM-5 PM AEST to assist you with anything to do with your website. We also have an emergency after-hours support service.


  • WEBSITE SECURITY – Through daily and weekly checks and updates we optimise the security of your website.
  • WEBSITE HOSTING Monitored 24/7, our servers and technical team are based here in Australia to ensure the fastest website speeds and the highest security and uptime. We also provide set up, management, hosting and ongoing support of your email accounts.

Our Service Excludes…

Here are some of the key elements that are not included in our service that are important to understand:


Our content curation service is a collaborative one and we provide limited content editing and writing based on the information that you provide us. You will almost always know more about your business and industry than we will so please be aware that our knowledge will be limited to a degree. So if there is a specific requirement for copywriting this will need to be charged separately.

Receiving Content In Inefficient Formats

Our prices are based on you supplying content to us in a digital format and in as fewer emails as practical. Content provided to us over numerous emails and in inefficient formats –  eg. handwritten, scanned or hard copy – requires us to spend additional time extracting and processing the information. In such cases, we may need to charge for our time.

Modifications To Your Photos

We will upload your photos as we receive them. If you require or request modifications or Photoshop work done to the photos, eg. due to images being low resolution, too small, too large, the wrong size, or the wrong scale, this will be an additional charge.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

We do not offer this as a service however we can recommend an SEO company to help you, just ask your Account Manager.

Need more? You can add…

Additional Pages And Content

If you exceed your website pages and/or content limits that are associated with your website package we may apply additional charges to cover our time to process and manage this. Situations, when this may arise, are: excessive content supplied, and excessive new content and/or pages during revisions. Additional web page – $150+gst each


We can write additional business content for you that includes uploading onto your website. – $150+gst per 400 words

Existing Website Page 301 Redirects

This service is considered best practice when updating or upgrading your website. It also has the purpose of preserving any existing search rankings and incoming links that you may already have with your existing website. (NB. There are no guarantees that all rankings will remain exactly the same). Up to 20 page redirects are included in the Packaged website prices. For websites with more than 20 pages the following price applies.  – $150+gst per hour (to be quoted)

Custom Form

Your website comes with a standard contact form. If you need a tailored form this will need to be quoted based on your requirements. To Be Quoted

Slide Show

You can include a slideshow as an add on (only available on select themes) $490+gst

Logo Design

Our in-house graphic designers have designed over 500 logos for small businesses throughout Australia – from $395+gst

Domain Names

You can purchase domain names through us.

  • $39+gst for .com (1 year)
  • $59+gst for .com.au (2 years)

Brand Kick-Starter

This is a branding package that includes:

  • Standard Logo
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead design
  • Facebook Banner image or Email Signature  – $795+gst 

WP & Woo Commerce Packaged Addons…

Events Calendar PRO (Simple)

Events Calendar Pro supercharges your calendar with recurring events, custom event attributes, default content, venue and organiser pages, advanced widgets, and more. – $190+gst 

Events Calendar PRO (Designed)

Events Calendar Pro supercharges your calendar with recurring events, custom event attributes, default content, venue and organiser pages, advanced widgets, and more. “Designed” means there is additional styling of existing elements, however, there are no structural or functional changes. – $790+gst

Membership – Restrict Content Pro

A full-featured, powerful membership solution for WordPress. Lock away your exclusive content. Give access to valued members. – $590+gst

Easy Digital Downloads

From eBooks, to WordPress plugins, to PDF files and more, Easy Digital Downloads make selling digital products a breeze. – $390+gst

WooCommerce Bookings

The WooCommerce Bookings extension allows you to set up bookable products for reservations, services and rentals/hires. Bookings can be given customisable dates, costs and duration, and can be purchased similar to other WooCommerce products. – $495+gst

WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Memberships lets you create a membership system with WooCommerce. You can sell access to your content and products via the purchase of any of your products. You can also sell recurring membership by integrating Memberships and Subscriptions. – $790+gst

Booking Calendar – Birchpress

A booking form can be embedded in a page or post via shortcode. Visitors to your website will be able to check availability and book appointments or make reservations online. – $590+gst

Blipstar Store Locator (Designed)

This store locator software lets your customers enter a zip code, postcode, address or place name and get a list of your nearest stores or products, complete with an attractive interactive map and driving directions. – To be quoted