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The 22 Most Important Web Design Statistics for 2022

The web design industry is changing for the better. Always asking the question, “What can we do better to ensure the growth of websites and design are serving future needs of people and businesses”? According to this research conducted by Magicdust Web Design, there are 22 web design statistics that will direct the course of websites in 2022. It’s just up to you to determine which one’s matter most, and how you can adapt your own business model based on the needs of your clients.

2022 Online Overview

“In 2010, there were over 2 billion internet users worldwide. In 2021, there were over 4.6 billion. To attract and engage this growing base of online users, websites are being created at a rapid pace. In 2010, there were a little over 210 million websites. Today, there are over 1.8 billion.” – IBIS World

  • Active websites – 1.5 billion
  • Global population – 7.8 billion
  • Unique internet users – 4.54 billion
  • Active social media users – 4.14 billion
  • Google searches per day – 3.5 billion

The internet is continually evolving and users are more demanding than ever. In order to keep up, web designers need to continue their education in an effort to meet both current and future demands. Here’s a collection of the most important web design statistics, so you can get ahead of the curve. Let’s dive in.

    1. > 73% of visitors trust what is written  on a business’s website over other sources. (BrightLocal)
      Have you ever seen a website that looked so bad it made you question whether the company was trustworthy? Or one that was so jumbled and confusing, you didn’t even bother trying to find what you were looking for? This is why web design matters.
    2. >75% of visitors say that they make judgments about a company’s credibility based on the design of their website. (Web Credibility Research from Stanford)
      One of the most important pieces of your online presence is your website design. It’s what gives users their first impression of your company and creates the feeling that either draws them in or sends them running. So, it needs to be just right!
    3. > 50% of visitors agree that website design is crucial to a business’s overall brand. (Top Design Firms, 2021)
      Designing websites takes time, effort and practice, not to mention being an expert in the area you’re trying to promote.
    4. > 88.5% of web professionals concur that website loading speeds are the main reason why people leave a website. (GoodFirms)
      Technical SEO covers making a website fast and compatible with all the devices out there. Make sure your website loads fast and easily on different devices by using our technical expertise.
    5. > In the first three months of 2021, 54.8 percent of worldwide website traffic was from mobile devices. (Statista, 2021)
      Your customers are now coming from mobile devices. Make sure your website looks good and functions well across all mobile devices.
    6. > 59% of customers are doing online research before spending. (Raydiant)
      Make it easy for new customers to find you. Your Google My Business page is a great way to make sure customers can easily find your business online by creating unique, rich pages.
    7. > WordPress accounts for 43.25% of all websites built and on the internet. (W3Techs)
      WordPress is everywhere, powering just under half of the web. Use it to launch a blog or business site and enjoy a fully customizable, mobile-ready website.
    8. > WordPress is the leading content management system, chosen for 65.2% of all websites that run on a CMS.
      WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It is powering millions of websites including small businesses, corporate sites, governments, educational institutions, and also personal blogs.
    9. > Each 60 seconds 6,000,000 people are shopping online. (Statista)
      Shopping online is a convenient way to purchase anything from a plane ticket to your favourite book. As an entrepreneur who wants to reach customers, if it makes sense be sure your website allows visitors to shop online.
    10. > Poor functionality causes 42% of people to leave a website.  (Top Design Firms, 2021)
      Poor functional design is a big turn off for your website visitors. This can be anything from a confusing layout, to buttons that don’t work. People will leave your website if it doesn’t work properly, these are things you need to fix ASAP.
    11. > 80% of professional marketers include websites in their marketing strategies. (HubSpot)  
      Most small companies don’t have a budget for a big website and falling for a poorly made site that promises the world will only leave business owners frustrated. Thankfully there are affordable options out there with just as much power as any custom design website.
    12. > Poor website design that displays badly on mobile results in 57% of internet users saying they won’t recommend a company.
      Companies can’t afford to ignore how important it is to have a good mobile presence, so they shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking it’s just an add-on to their existing desktop sites.
    13. > Failing to create a great user experience means 89 percent of potential customers will shop with your competition. (Web FX)
      When you’re designing a website, it’s important to remember the customer. A website needs to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Don’t let a bad user experience turn potential customers away!
    14. > People worldwide are spending 3 hours and 39 minutes a day on mobile devices.
      Mobile phones are becoming the go-to device for many people. And almost half of the world’s population own a smartphone. In fact, it’s growing so much that spending time on a mobile phone is actually more popular than watching TV!
    15. > If a website’s content or layout is unattractive, 38 percent of visitors will leave. (Blue Corona)
      To avoid these statistics, websites need professionals who understand the latest design trends and how to apply them correctly. Those companies that are able to focus on design elements and incorporate them into their sites will be the ones that stand out from their competitors.
    16. > 90% of website visitors will continue shopping because of great UX (Toptal)
      According to statistics from the top shopping carts, visitors will continue checking out even if they don’t intend to purchase anything. A great UX can improve your conversion rate in a big way.
    17. > Research shows 23% of small business retailers still don’t have a website in 2022. (Digital)
      It keeps things simple for customers to buy products online, rather than having to travel across town or make a special trip to come in store. Having an e-commerce platform means businesses will be able to grow beyond a geographical area as well.
    18. > Visitors create an opinion about your website instantly – in fact It only takes 0.05 seconds Blogging wizard
      Your website is often the first touch point a visitor has with your company – so it’s important that the visitor has an inviting experience that leaves a positive impression. Whether you have five visitors or five thousand visitors, your website should be optimized to create a pulse of interest in your visitors.
    19. > In a study by Small Business Trends – 7 out of 10 small business websites are missing opportunities by not including a call to action button.
      If you want to convert visitors into customers, there are some basic things you need to do. This includes having a call-to-action button on your homepage. The call-to-action button helps you lead them down the path of becoming a customer.
    20. > 83% of all website users agree that having a seamless experience across all devices is vital to a brand. (Toptal)
      A vast majority of website users continue to use multiple devices, and have become dependent on seamless experiences across all devices. They expect their favourite brands to have an optimized experience, regardless of the screen size.
    21. > When it comes to communicating with a business or brand online, 63% of people would consider messaging an online chat bot. (Toptal)
      Although email is still one of the most common methods for correspondence, chatbots have become another popular way for you to quickly get your problem resolved or question answered without having to wait for a response.
    22. > 9 in 10 smartphone owners who describe a mobile experience from a brand as helpful would buy from that brand again. (Toptal)
      This means that encouraging customer-oriented behaviour through helpful mobile experiences is crucial to your success. We’re seeing a shift in marketing on mobile as brands begin to see the power of marketing through mobile devices.


This list of facts and statistics about web design is comprehensive, and should be a great resource for professionals in the industry. It provides a current snapshot of where the field is headed, and what challenges it’s facing.

The web design industry has grown a lot over the last few years, and continues to grow. As more people turn online for information and services, having a strong online presence has never been more important. We’ve seen plenty of new trends in design emerge in recent years, based on how we use the web both now and how it will likely change in the future. With these changes come new challenges for designers—but also plenty of opportunities. Let’s make them magical!