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Choosing the right website design company plays an important role in branding and generating sales online.

If you have prepared a shortlist of web designers in Melbourne and are in the process of selecting the one you can work with, here are 10 top websites, you can choose to model for a new website build or when redesigning an existing website.

It’s also always best to choose a Melbourne website design company with a portfolio of websites, which are visually appealing, easy to navigate and are search engine compliant.

1. Coonawarra Grape and Wine Incorporated (CGWI)

CGWI was established in December 2013 to support grape growers and wineries in Melbourne’s Coonawarra region.

The website captures the attention of the visitor through vivid imagery. All of the images have been carefully chosen to draw the viewer in and compel them to consume the content.

The navigation tabs on the website are clearly labelled, and the information is categorised for ease of search.

2. Dinner Sorted

Poor dietary habits are a major contribution to health problems, and many Australians are embracing healthier food options to ward-off disease. Sourcing fresh local produce that’s also chemical-free can be difficult.

The Dinner Sorted website communicates in one clear glance exactly how they solve this problem. The headline on the home page clearly communicates the main benefit.

The call-to-action button, “Get Started”, leaves the visitor in no doubt about taking the next step, which is to place an order. Deliveries are made within 25-25 of the Melbourne CBD  and 20-25 kms  of the business’ Cheltenham premises.

The font used throughout the website is friendly, informal and conveys a sense of relaxed ease.

The content clearly explains what the website is about, using text, images and video.

Interesting and innovative recipes give visitors to the website a reason to keep returning to the website, even if they aren’t ready to buy yet.

The Melbourne website design company has created the design and used colours which closely identify with the product. This helps in building brand affinity. On the other hand, strategically positioned testimonials build confidence about the authenticity of the products.

3. Walk Melbourne

The unique concept of discovering Melbourne through food tours is clearly communicated in this elegant website. A short video on the home page clearly explains the purpose of the website.

A news interview clip and logos of reputable Australian business displayed on the website, serve to reinforce the credibility of the company.

The “Book Now” tab on the home page helps eager visitors make a booking without navigating away from the page, which is likely to increase the response rate.

Social media buttons have been strategically positioned by the website designer on the top of the page to encourage visitors to engage with the business and build a relationship through different social media channels.

4. Metal Couture

A dark six-month period following William Llewellyn Griffiths, near-death car accident when still in his 30s, is the inspiration behind this entity. The handcrafted ornamental pieces are unique and appeal to customers with an appreciation of gothic architecture and design.

Griffiths’ work has taken him to London, Auckland and Melbourne, giving him an opportunity to hone his skills and establish himself as a skilled artisan.

The website is designed in a way that personifies the brand. The layout has been deliberately kept simple, and each of the items on offer has a story to tell in the description.

A well-crafted bio creates an instant rapport with the artist, while the mastery of the craft is demonstrated through a short but enchanting video.

5. Duchess Boutique

A boutique dress store for women, the website for Duchess Boutique features a stunning display of exquisite garments for special occasions such as weddings and cocktails.

Clearly labelled tabs help the visitor navigate to the section of their choice. A separate section for items on sale, makes it easier for those on a budget to save on costs.

A search bar prominently located beneath the banner, helps visitors quickly find what they are seeking.

The website also permits customers to track their order for added peace-of-mind.

6. Desflora

Desflora sells an amazing array of artificial flowers and plants to the public from a huge factory warehouse in Melbourne.

The stunning range of artificial flowers, plants and trees are presented in an elegant format on this website.

The high resolution images give a realistic look to the range of items displayed.

On the lower half of the Home Page, the content clearly communicates what the website is about and the navigation tabs help visitors easily identify the items they are looking for.

7. Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand

Visitors arriving at this website are immediately captivated by the images showcasing the artistic talent of individuals who have dedicated their lives to mastering their profession.

The logo design, layout, imagery and text have been combined by the website designer to give the website an unmistakably distinct look and feel which is perfectly synchronous with the subject.

This website has extensive content, which has been categorised so that visitors can easily navigate to the section they desire.

The Member Log In tab on the Home Page is positioned in a way that ensures quick and easy access the member’s area.

8. Body Image Movement 

This website is about a worldwide movement aimed at inspiring women to change how they feel about themselves and their bodies.

The website has a friendly and casual look. For those who may be unfamiliar with the movement, a “See the Film” tab, encourages visitors to watch the movie which encapsulates the essence of the movement.

Call-to-action tabs throughout the website encourage visitors to join the movement. Regular blog updates from the founder provide fresh content for both visitors to consume and for improving search engine rankings.

9. Red Stone Group

A recruitment company specialising in the aged care niche, the headline on the Home Page, “Aged Care Recruitment Specialists”, clears any confusion visitors may have when they come upon the name Red Stone, since the Company Name does not identify with a recruitment service.

Based in Sydney, the company lists job vacancies not just in the local area, but also in Melbourne and other major Australian cities.

The website design company’s theme selection is simple but functional, with distinct sections for both recruiters and candidates.

Testimonials on the website are strong proof elements that add credibility to the business.

10.  Eat For Wellness

A practicing nutritionist and dietician website, the theme embodies health and wellness.

The slogan, “Eat Well, Feel Well”, encapsulates the purpose of the business.The main image of tastefully presented fruits reflects a professional brand image.

An offer to download a free recipe eBook provides value to the website visitors and also serves as a mechanism to capture their name and email address. These serve as leads which can be followed up on and turned into customers.

Aside from listing the services offered, the website has valuable content in the form of recipes, nutrition tips and a blog which serves to get visitors to return to the website and also makes the website content-rich which is important to achieve higher rankings.

Social media icons are prominently displayed on the website which opens up an additional avenue for visitors to engage with the Melbourne based business.