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Website Designer Tips for Designing Fabulous Footers

A website footer is a necessary evil. When a website designer applies some skill, website footers can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing that will make it easier for potential customers to find the info that they are searching for and most importantly, contact you.

With the help of the following five handy tips, any web designer can create fabulous footers.

Add all the info that visitors expect

As soon as you have identified what your footer should assist your visitors with, designing a fabulous footer becomes a whole lot easier. The following are some of the most common things that visitors typically expect to find: contact info, social media links, a search function, testimonials and a sign-up form. Now by including this information in your website footer, you get to ensure that your website design remains user-friendly.

Use enough space

Web design is in certain respects much like a tumultuous relationship – both require space. So, in order to ensure that your footer remains fabulous and functional avoid using tiny text in a tight space. It should be easy for your visitors to glance over the information and click on the relevant links. If they cannot do this, then there is no use that you have included a big footer in your web design.

Organise the links

One of your main goals should be to help visitors find what they are searching for in as little time as possible. So, websites that have loads of content should think about using a big footer with links that are grouped into different categories. You can even consider using multiple levels with layered information.

Respect the branding

The footer might be the last element on the web page, but that does not mean that it should be something that is just quickly added last. The style that is used in the footer should echo the style of the rest of the web design. Therefore, opt for the same colour palette, tone and other website design elements in your footer.

Let it stand out

If you are going to opt for a large footer, it should not get lost. So, ensure that your web page design includes enough contrast so that every visitor will see that they have scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the web page with important info. However, your footer should still speak the same language as the rest of your website design. To help you strike the balance just right, you can place it in a different coloured box.

Large footers are gaining traction in the world of website design trends. The key piece of advice would be to design it in such a manner that visitors will be able to scan all the information. It is not a dumping site for all the info that you do not know where to place! So, be sure to put your best foot forward and design your footer with a purpose in mind. It deserves as much attention as all the other parts of our web page design.

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